Safe on Site

Your safety is our concern

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We always want you to be safe and secure at Atlantic Reach. For that reason we have a full policy and action plan for all foreseeable scenarios. We know that some minor incidents can be unavoidable and we are equipped to deal with anything that comes along. We would however ask, that if you see or hear of anything that may be a risk to you or others then please tell us right away. If we know about it we can take the appropriate action.

Safety Policy
We have put together a ‘Safe at Home’ information list, so you can have a worry-free holiday at Atlantic Reach! If you have any other concerns or worries contact reception and we’re only too happy to help.

Safe Payment
Don’t worry, you don’t need to go through the endless stages of payment systems with us! If you book your holiday online, simply secure your booking with your card details, we will then send you a final booking confirmation via email. We can 100% guarantee you that your payment details are not held on our database. It’s simple, yet secure!

Free Parking/Driving
There is no charge for parking at Atlantic Reach, when you check in at reception, just let us know your card registration and we will issue a parking permit. We have regular parking attendants to ensure that everyone is following our permit rule.

Lost children & Adults
With over 50 acres of land at Atlantic Reach, we are aware that little people like to explore! Rest assured, we have a lost child policy set in place. Staff members are confident if a situation like this takes place.

Fire & Emergency
Every week our fire alarms are tested by our Health and Safety officer. As you will see when you get here, fire assembly points are located around the site and you will never be too far from a fire sounding alarm. We have over 20 staff members that are first aiders and would be happy to assist in first aid response.

Breakages & Accidents
We understand that some breakages happen at your home, and it’s the same here. Our home is your home, if you have any accidents then just let us know – we won’t make you pay! If you are staying in one of our hot tub properties, we ask for a £250 deposit which will only be deducted if the hot tubs were to be misused in the hands of the guests.

Swimming Pools
We have two swimming pools at Atlantic Reach. During peak times our Lifeguards are on duty from 10am – 6pm both rotating between our indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Every day the chlorine levels are checked and the temperatures are taken regularly. We have a great reputation on how lovely and warm our indoor pool is and we expect to keep it that way!

Bar & Restaurant
We are proud of having a 5* hygiene certificate in The Manor Arms and a 5* hygiene certificate in the Cafe. Our Chef’s work hard ensuring our guests are happy and well fed, they are well trained in adapting recipes to follow any allergen requests.

Safe in your home (hot tub)
If you have any queries when you arrive in your lodge, we are here to help. A Duty Manager can be contacted 24 hours a day. Your wellbeing is our priority and we want you to feel comfortable when you’re holidaying with us.

Sports and Activities
Our on-site entertainment team run our Kids Club sessions and evening entertainment during the peak season. They are trustworthy professionals with an excellent reputation. Parents can relax whilst the children are making friends and having fun!
Located in our main complex is our gym fitness suite. We have two gym instructors and a Gym Manager that work on the gym floor, they are there to help you if you have any questions.

Safe On Site
We are always making Atlantic Reach a better place, with this in mind you may notice building work being carried out by our Maintenance team. Any work that is carried out will have the health and safety precautions in place.

Disability & Access
Where possible we have made disability routes accessible. Due to the history of Atlantic Reach we still have steps in places but in most circumstances you can reach your destination by choosing one of the many pathways.

Group Bookings
As we are a family friendly resort, all group bookings; with the majority aged under 30 are not accepted at any time. Our holiday village is aimed at families visiting Cornwall and we try our upmost in ensuring this policy is maintained.

Cornwall is a dog lover’s county and so are we! We have lodges that accept dogs, and we offer dog walking areas. All we ask is that owners take responsibility for their actions. Dogs are welcome in The Manor Arms which means you and your pooch don’t miss out on all the action (subject to area).